the Growth of consumer appetite for quality and speed transfer different kinds of data will not stop, probably never. The analysis of the development of network technologies over the past few years indicates that copper cables are finally losing ground fiber optic cable.

Any company that provides a communication connection that wishes to use a effective and advanced cabling system for at least 10 years. This is the minimum lifetime of network cabling systems according to international standards. Furthermore, changing standards for protocols, local area network, the re-laying of new cables leads to considerable costs. Our online applications makes the use of fiber-optic technology all the more relevant.

Fiber optic cables successfully used in telecommunication networks for over 25 years and only in the last decade they are widely used in cable TV, Internet, telephony.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the use of optical fiber is the highest bandwidth of all possible transmission media, including twisted copper and coaxial cables. On the photo you can see copper and fiber-optic cable with the same level of necessary bandwidth.

Second, no less important positive feature of optics is the greatest data coverage at the lowest cost on active equipment and operation.

in addition, fiber optic cable has features that exceed the requirements of today's standards speed Ethernet (100 Mbps) for connection of workplaces, and makes it easy to switch to new communication protocols, such as 1 and 10 Gigabit high-speed Ethernet or ATM. Properties of optical fiber practically does not depend on speed of data transmission in the network, and it guarantees long-term use (10 years or more) fiber-optic cable.

Another indisputable advantage of optical fiber is its immunity to electromagnetic interference and the absence of radio frequency radiation. This greatly increases the security of the information system – to remove data from the fiber optic cable is much more expensive and complicated. The information transmission quality in the optical system by several orders of magnitude higher due to the lack of a cross and mutual interference between cables in the bundle.

the key to long-term and maximize the utilization of the optical system is the acquisition of high-quality components and correct installation. Company Finport-Intertrading is engaged in the supply and sale of equipment for telecommunication networks for over 10 years. Our products are installed and tested on many Ukrainian enterprises. We offer fiber optic cable, GEPON equipment, FTTH cable, patch cords, FAST connectors and other necessary elements for laying the super-fast network.